How to Install a Vessel Sink

How to Install a Vessel Sink

Elegance and extravagance can be added to your bathroom by installing a vessel sink vanity. Dual setting up are popular - You can either rest the bathroom sink straight on the top or cut a hole in the top and lower the vessel down so that the sink bowl is incompletely recessed. When you've connected the top and vessel sink faucet, you'll be complete to install the sink himself.

How tall should be a Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity?


Set up the mounting ring.

A mounting ring is first needed if you're installing a straight above top vessel sink. Recessed bath vessel sinks are maintained directly by the top. Install the ring right over the drain hole in the top, applying adhesive or plumber's stuff as engaged by the guidelines that came with your vessel sink.

The lower sink vessel.

Rest the sink whichever on the mounting ring or into the recessed hole in your top. Align the vessel drain hole facing directly descending.

Seal the ends of the sinks hole.

From underneath the top, use waterproofs seal to closure the layer between the vessel sink and the edges of the top hole. This will save moistness from drenched down.

Distinct the drain assembly.

The drain get-together that came with your vessel sink may be entirely assembled. Disperse the drain body from the rest of the assembly. Subsequently each vessel sink is dissimilar, check the instructions that came with your sink to keep track of how the seals, nuts and rings fitting on the assembly. You'll be reassembling it in step below.

Supplement the drain body.

Set up the drain body down into the basin drain hole. If the sink guidelines necessitate it, apply a bead of plumber stuff around the right and press it determinedly into place. Reconvene the drain assembly. From below the vessel sink, reinstall the rest of the washers and other get-together hardware to the drain body, protuberant from the drain hole. Check the vessel basin guidelines to be sure you bring together everything properly.

Install the P-trap.

Conditional on your vessel sink design, you may be using tradition P-trap and drain stuffs. Otherwise, you can attach the drain assembly to the existing P-trap, hand-tightening the connections.

Turn on the water.

Release the stop regulators for the hot and cold water and exam the sink faucet.

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