How to clean stone vanity tops

How to clean stone vanity tops

1. Marble or Granite is porous and easily stained. Wipe off anything spill ad on it immediately. It should be washed or cleaned regularly with fresh warm water and a non-abrasive clean cloth. Also, using a nonabrasive, neutral (pH balanced) cleaner will help remove dirt and grime, but it is recommended to first try warm water only.

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2. Marble or Granite bathroom vanities top has been sealed at the manufacturing facility. The sealer acts as a stain inhibitor and prevents most stains and soil from being absorbed into the porous surface, but it is NOT a guarantee against staining. All spills should be cleaned immediately. Avoid contact with all oils and petroleum-based products.

3. Also, avoid contact with all acid or caustic products such as vinegar, citrus or fruit juices, soda, chlorine, and nail polish remover. If the marble or granite Antique bathroom vanities is well sea led, the warm water and non-abrasive cloth should keep it clean.

4. Every year the marble or granite should be sealed with a good quality marble/granite sealer. Marble and Granite sealers are available at most retail home supply stores. Follow the instructions on the sealer container for proper application and frequency of use.

5. Placing protective pads on the bottom of any heavy objects will help prevent scratching of the marble and granite surface. Periodically rotate accessories on marble/granite so that they don't sit in the same spot for an extended period of time.

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