What is standard depth of bathroom vanity?

What is standard depth of bathroom vanity?

The standard depth of bathroom vanity is 21 inches. A 22 inch deep countertop will give you a 1inch outcrop in front. Double sinks bathroom vanities typically require a least possible of two 30 inch wide bathroom vanity cabinets. Sinks are focused in each vanity. You can use two 30 inch wide bathroom vanities and a stack of 12 inch drawers among and midpoint sinks over the two bath vanities. If countertop will not be adjoining a wall, determine a ½ inch overhang on each end of the countertop.

Standard depth of bathroom vanity 21 inches

The standard depth of bathroom vanity is 21 inches.

Standard dimension does not include the bathroom vanity top so there is no need to deduct the top overhang. Bathroom cabinets normally variety between 20-24 inches with low depth bath vanities also existing for thin bathroom layouts at 18 inches. You can increase free space in a small bathroom by border at least fragment of the bathroom vanity cabinet to 20, 18, or even 14 inches deep. Just only one subject you might route into is with the marble or granite countertops. Today, you can purchase bathroom vanity countertops separately that are manufactured to standard bathroom vanity it’s 21 inch depth that are really reasonable. On the other hand, measurement is taken from the forward-facing of the bath cabinet to the back of the vanity and does not include any extend of the countertop. These statements about standard depth dimensions of a bathroom vanity cabinet minus the countertop, standard size of bath cabinet does not include the top so there is no need to subtract the countertop overhang.

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